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Micropads Training & Practice Aids

The new generation of practice products for scalp micropigmentation practitioners, permanent makeup artists and body art tattooists, Micropads is changing the way new and fledgling artists practice and train.

For too long, artists have had nothing but sub-standard products with which to train. Practice sheets that feel and behave nothing like real skin. Mannequin heads made of hard plastic, latex and poor quality silicone that do nothing to emulate the real treatment experience. And products derived from tattooing, but simply unable to meet the needs of SMP and permanent makeup trainees and educators.

Micropads is a meticulously developed range of first class practice aids, designed and manufactured with the needs of modern artists firmly in mind. Quite unlike any other product available, anywhere in the world, Micropads is light years ahead of its competitors and provides real solutions to a fast growing industry that simply demands better training tools.